Making Your Film

Having the inspiration to make a film or animation for your business is exciting. A gorgeous, emotive film with a strong message can be an absolutely fabulous, sharable piece of content that causes a real stir and helps you connect with people in just the way you want. More than that.

If it comes from a truly heartfelt place then it gives us a piece of you and what you feel and believe about the world, and that is gold when you’re trying to communicate your ideas to us all.

When not to make that film

People often come to me asking about making a film, and I always see how it would work, with bells on.

More than words. It’s visceral.

But often I’ve been with people on the journey as the commitment of making a film causes quite a rethink. It brings up some really good questions, worth asking before any big commitment of your time and money that will go into making a film or animation:

What do I actually believe? 

Will I still believe that in a couple of years? 

Will people sit through 2 or 3 minutes of my film, or am I better in direct conversation with a postcard version of my manifesto to give them? 

I know the first part of my story, but I’m just not sure where this ends. Am I better off working on a short eBook?

How about a blog series over a few months with some illustrations, while I knuckle out my plans?

Facing these questions may feel like a massive roadblock, but fear not. It’s totally normal, and to be expected if you’re thinking properly about your visual communication. It’s something I’ve chatted through loads while partnering with people on the design adventure. It’s wise to ask questions and the thinking you do now will set you up even better for your future marketing and revolutionising!

Yes, a film is a totally fabulous thing to make – when you’re ready for it. Before you go racing ahead on that, think about—and enjoy—all the other rich forms of visual content at your fingertips that are less of a commitment while you figure out your sound thinking.

There are all sorts of alternatives to making a film in the early stages of getting your message out, which over time will prove invaluable.

Never make a film just for the sake of it, because everyone else is doing one.

Above all, here’s the most important thing to hang on to:

If you are creating pieces that help you connect with people in a real way, and which truly help proper, meaningful conversation to happen, then it’s always going to be worth your investment.