Today’s spring air is giving us a lovely vibe...

Today’s spring air is giving us a lovely vibe here in the studio. It’s a day for catching my breath after a very long, intense chapter of work on a couple of huge animation projects.

I’m taking a moment to look at the long view again, and feel excited about soaking up some new inspirations which is so important when you’ve been pouring out for so long. I’ve booked a few days in St. Ives for galleries, sketching, photographs, even a clay-throwing lesson! Cannot wait for that.

My words blog, 'Finding Words to Live By' has a fresh, clean new template, as I decided it was high time I gave my writing and photography a beautiful space of its own again. Do have a look if you have a moment.

Also, I’m finally getting down to making a trio of short films I’ve been daydreaming about for ages now – working title ‘Soul Trilogy’ although I’m not settled on that yet. They’re inspired by ideas from my TEDx last year, and I’m so happy to see this work evolve and lead on to the next exciting chapter. Look out for more news as it takes shape!