KILLHOPE – AN INTRODUCTION   A highlight of this introduction film was mastering how to explain geological events that cause formation of galena—the mineral ore from which lead is extracted. Writing my script I had generous support from an expert geologist who made sure poetic story-telling was matched with scientific accuracy. I then set about creating something which visual learners would immediately grasp, highly memorable in design style, that was also factually spot on in its verbal message.  It was a really lovely project to work on, conveying the extraordinary life and work of mining families on these harsh moors and why lead was important to them. Some of the words and terminology were an absolute pleasure to design with too!          THOMAS SOPWITH   Thomas Sopwith made his wonderful, small, wooden sculptures to teach miners about geology. Again, it was important to ensure the all the facts were correctly matched to gorgeous visuals, and had to work without audio, so I worked with an expert geologist to get this just right.  Still photographs provided some beautiful material to work with – on one of my visits to the museum I made a tiny pop-up studio and got to work! They suited our available space, time and budget perfectly.
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