_good communications

Why do certain things catch your eye? 

How do you digest the information you see around you every day, and choose directions for your journey?

For a moment, stop staring at this screen and look at the things around you. Think about what jumps out most, whether or not you chose it to be there, and what else there is around it that moves your eye—and your mind—onwards. Words written large, images pinned in place, signposts in familiar letterforms – this is all visual communication, and its power to direct the course of your life is huge.

How has your path today been affected by looking at shapes, colours, signs and signals, whether these are directional and explicit, or subliminal - the wallpaper that surrounds you every day?

If you understand how communication works visually then you come to these signs and signals with greater discernment. You can choose what's right for you to say 'yes' to rather than blindly following the pack. If you learn what this language is all about, maybe you can take part in the discussion too, and create your own signs, signals and designs to help other people understand what you really want to say.

I have started this blog to share my insights on visual communication, which is what I am trained in. Day to day, I help people in business by taking their ideas and communicating them visually - branding, design, typography, illustration, animation, photography, words. I believe that sound visual communication helps us do life better, because sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. 

Bad communication is the mother of misunderstanding. Good visual communication makes the world go round.