From 'Making Change Happen' by Jane Northcote
Illustration ©Lizzie Everard 

Some people love change, thriving on realising new visions. Others really don't like it. Some of us become quite good at it out of excitement or necessity, or both. Too much unexpected change can drive a person beyond nuts.

I think the paralysing fear within times of big change—and the thing that stops many of us even going there—is that saying 'yes' to this change means a previous vision that guided you will be lost forever, and a future vision as yet unknown will never materialise.

A threshold; cast adrift from what was, not yet anchored in the next harbour, and land not quite in clear view in any direction. Terrified of making a wrong decision, of just drifting... quite frightened.

If this resonates at all, you are not alone! You are really not alone.

So, from right in the middle of my own fiercely unsettling changes at the moment, me and my wringing-wet hanky are forming an idea and want to share it with you here. Seeing something take shape in visual form, tracked, charted, recorded, for all to see, can be such a help. In this vein, for six years on and off, I kept my Lightbox habit, posting on all kinds of soul-searching and adventures and planting and uprooting and people, driven by everyday photography and a love of words. I reckon picking up this habit again could really help navigate unknown waters, but what form this new habit takes, not sure yet.

Some questions for you, and I'd love your thoughts on this if you'd like to share:

  • What are the helpful things you pin up around you at work or home, which you look at to keep you on track each day? Or is there an object?
  • What reminds you of where you've come from, to see just how far you've travelled? 
  • Have you ever had a 'visual ritual' that you held consistently to help you keep moving (eg. morning pages or a daily sketchbook)? What worked about this? 
  • What—if anything—is stuck onto your fridge (or other nearest magnetic surface? We have a tartan sheep in our office!) Does it help?!
  • What pair of shoes could sum up the miles you've walked / run / danced? (These are my running shoes – the hundreds of miles they've come with me and I'm still curvy round the edges!) 

Do share your thoughts and projects. It's not just me is it?