_how to survive mondays

Wow. Really. If I have another day like that I may just give in and go to work in a sandwich shop. It's not even that anything dreadful happened. It's just that, sometimes, showing up to run your own business (or in fact, anything!) on a Monday morning is bloody hard work.

Let's be clear, there are some brilliant reasons why—if you're a creative soul and want to make a difference—that doing your own thing is a great plan. Come to the party with some energy and conviction, free from too many restrictions, and the best conversations have a chance of actually happening.

Ideas, lots of them.

New horizons every turn.

The day beats to your own drum:

More of this, less of that.

Focus and graft, making it count; 
you alone reap the reward.

Another drum beats with yours.

Me, you, them, us,
and the things we make together.

Join me. Bunk off early and go see a film?

Make the planet spin a little smoother, no?

Well no, not today. Some days, these joys come in such fractured pieces that putting them together into a meaningful picture seems impossible, doesn't it?

It happens a lot on Mondays for me – by 6pm, left with an exhausting mosaic-feeling in both head and heart, a little of everything crammed in there, and no coherent picture or plan to show for it. It's a dreadful way to start the week, and I have really come to hate this feeling.

It is agony. So what can be done to make tricky Mondays better?
How can we be gently productive and emerge positive from the week's first day? I have a couple of ideas.

Just show up, and pay attention. So long as you do this, something begins. Things often take longer than you originally hoped for, especially if a thousand things ask for that attention. But pay attention and things do begin, I promise.

Make some coffee, write down a few key things to pay attention to, get set with some nice tunes and work through it. Don't feel bad about shutting the world out if you need to. Just show up, and pay attention.

Keep the faith. I reckon the agonised feeling comes from not knowing how things will be resolved, and having to leave them in mid-air. A thousand things to figure out and who thought it would be a good idea to set them off like a professional party popper?

Hang in there. The very fact of having paid attention means your infinitely capable head and caring heart are working away on them even when you're not looking.

Show up, pay attention, keep the faith, and don't believe the lie that nothing's working. That's just the agony of a blue Monday talking.

{Today's Soundtrack: New Order – Blue Monday}