A dream book design project in collaboration with Business Consultant  Jane Northcote .  Jane asked me to translate her insightful words and ideas about ‘Making Change Happen’ in organisations into a highly visual piece of book design and illustration. It was to present plenty of brilliant, clear thinking and exercise prompts for anyone wanting to see change happen in their working environment.
 These stills show a few illustrations which punctuated various topics, case studies, and exercises. Also included were special spaces at the end of each chapter with visual prompts for reflecting on the previous pages, as well as extra margin space for note-making.   My job for Jane was to consult at conception, design the book and all its illustrations, and see it right through to final printing. I worked with  Sonja Jefferson  to make it happen.
MCH_WHY spread.jpg
MCH A to B 2.jpg
MCH_RIP spread.jpg
MCH_ADAPT spread.jpg
MCH_JANE spread.jpg
MCH A to B.jpg
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